Would you like to get paid to express your opinions on products and services in a relaxed informal environment?  If your answer is yes…..please read on!        

What’s it all about?

 It is extremely important for companies to obtain feedback on the products and services they offer from real consumers!  They use this information to continually enhance and improve what we buy from them. If their product or service is difficult to use, they want to know why and how they can develop it.  As a Consumer they have an interest in speaking to you, your opinion is very valuable to them.  There are many ways that they do this, through Focus Groups, Usability Testing, Accompanied Shopping Sessions, Telephone interviews, One to One Depth Interviews, Diary Studies, Product testing, Online Panels and Ethnography Sessions.


At Code 3 Research It’s our job to recruit articulate and thoughtful respondents to ensure companies speak to their target market.  Our clients will let us know what type of research session they want to hold and specify the exact criteria (e.g. location, age, lifestage, product usage etc) for the type of participants they would like to attend.

We will then skilfully use the target criteria we have been provided to ensure we find people who meet our client’s specifications. So make sure you complete as many of the questions we ask during the registration process! 

How do you get involved?

It is free to register and it will only take a few minutes to set up a profile.  This profile can be as basic or as in-depth as you choose, although the more information you give us, the more likely it will be that you will be invited to take part in events.  

We take data protection seriously so we won’t sell or share your details with any third parties without your consent.

As new projects come in, we will send you an invitation email if we have a project in your area that matches your general profile.  We will specify how long the session will take, the general location and how much you will be paid.

If you would like to apply to take part, you click on the link in the email to answer some questions about the products and services you buy.  The questions will vary for each project, however, we do retain your answers so you don’t need to keep answering the same questions over and over again, this helps minimise the amount of time you spend completing new surveys!

What happens next?

We analyse the answers you’ve provided to determine if you fit the criteria our client has requested for the particular project.

If you do, we’ll give you a call to check you’re still available, have a chat about what you will be required to do and ensure that you definitely fit the criteria and feel comfortable about taking part.

Once we have spoken to you and confirmed that you will be taking part, we will then send you an email confirming all the details (date, venue, what is required, how much you will be paid etc).

The day before the session we will get back in touch to remind you about the research and make sure that you can still attend.


What can you expect at the session?

The research sessions can vary quite a lot.  You may take part in a one to one session where you are testing a website or you could be taking part in a group with 9 other people. There are lots of different types of research.  What you can expect at any session is that the environment will be relaxed and informal.  You will generally be offered refreshments and a professional Moderator or Researcher will make you feel welcome and at ease.

During the session you will be asked for your opinion on the topic being discussed and may be shown stimulus such as new products, new sites, potential advertising campaigns or new packaging.   It’s very important that you do express your opinion at the session as after all that’s what you’re there for! Remember, no answer is a wrong answer.

At the end of the session you will receive a payment as a thank you for participating.

The sessions are generally interesting and fun and we've yet to hear from someone who did not enjoy taking part - in fact most people get in touch to tell us how much they enjoyed the experience and to ask when they can take part again.

Still thinking about it?  Find out what some of our current members have said about the experience....

"I attended a group several months ago to discuss computer games at code 3 research. I found the whole experience really interesting, well organised and friendly. I was able to contribute and share my ideas and views about the new product. The cash incentive you recieve for participating is fantastic too, would highly recommend code 3 research"

Paul, age 30 from West Midlands


"What a great way to earn £45 for 2 hours work. I participated in the family meals discussion and can’t believe how fast the time went. It was a relaxed and informative chat about cooking and preparing meals for your family. Really enjoyed getting paid to talk about my experiences"

Virginia, age 36 from Manchester


"I took part in the beer tasting research. It was a fun and rewarding evening. It pays well and, really, all you have to do is sample some products and chat with people about your opinions. If only all paid tasks were like that. I definitely recommend it!"

Michael, age 26 from London


"Fascinating and interesting research work, I did mine in my local park with my Dog. They asked me to bring a friend with his dog too! A nice little earner for us both. It was easy to register with Code 3 Research. Now I am looking forward to be involved with other interesting projects."

Bob, age 58 from Solihull, West Midlands


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