Our Services

We offer a reliable recruitment service, sourcing articulate, thoughtful participants for all types of market research sessions including but not limited to the following:

User Experience

Focus Groups

Online studies and panels

Telephone interviews


Contexual interview

Paired and Friendship group interviews

Remote online interviews


Diary Studies

Our team are experienced at sourcing and recruiting:

  • General Consumers
  • Children and minors under 18 years. Children under 16 generally require a chaperone to accompany them to the session which would normally be led by a DBS cleared Researcher.
  • Access Needs Users. To ensure that a product or service is available and accessible to all users. We are often asked to recruit people who may suffer with mild visual, cognitive or motor impairments.
  • Business contacts and Tradespeople. We have recruited key roles in specific types of businesses for research purposes. Sometimes we are looking for a specific size of business or one that operates in a specific location or industry.

In addition to Recruitment we also offer the following services:

  • Project Management. We will ensure from start to finish your every aspect of your recruitment will be managed effectively. Generally, the cost of this is absorbed in the per head recruitment fee but depending on the complexity of project this is sometimes a stand-alone set up fee.
  • Online Surveys. Whether you want us to send out your survey link or you just have a few questions to ask our panel, we’re happy to discuss your requirements.
  • Screener writing. We can use your brief or specification to prepare a formalised screener for sign off by you or your client.
  • Incentives handling. We know that sometimes it’s not possible to manage payment of incentives yourself. For a small handling charge we can take care of this for you.


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