Are you interested in being paid to express your opinions on products and services in a relaxed informal environment.

At Code 3 Research It’s our job to source and recruit people like you to take part in market research projects and give feedback about products and services you use in everyday life. It is extremely important for brands and companies to obtain feedback from real people to try to understand various factors including how to improve a product or service, make it easier to use or to capture what influences your buying behaviour! This information is a very valuable resource as it is used to continually enhance and improve the development and marketing of products and services being offered.

Brands and Companies want to hear from you as a Consumer or perhaps a Non-Consumer of their products, to obtain your useful feedback and they are willing to pay you for this to thank you for your time and ideas.

There are many ways you can take part in market research sessions, you can go along to a local venue and take part in a session e.g. a Focus Group, User Test, Interview or Accompanied shopping session or you can just take part from the comfort of your own home or office e.g. through a Telephone interview, Diary Study, Product test, Online Panel or Ethnography Session.

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