Participant Testimonials

"I attended a group several months ago to discuss computer games at code 3 research. I found the whole experience really interesting, well organised and friendly. I was able to contribute and share my ideas and views about the new product. The cash incentive you receive for participating is fantastic too, would highly recommend code 3 research"
- Paul, age 30 from West Midlands


"What a great way to earn £45 for 2 hours work. I participated in the family meals discussion and can’t believe how fast the time went. It was a relaxed and informative chat about cooking and preparing meals for your family. Really enjoyed getting paid to talk about my experiences"
- Virginia, age 36 from Manchester


"I took part in the beer tasting research. It was a fun and rewarding evening. It pays well and, really, all you have to do is sample some products and chat with people about your opinions. If only all paid tasks were like that. I definitely recommend it!"
- Michael, age 26 from London

"Fascinating and interesting research work, I did mine in my local park with my Dog. They asked me to bring a friend with his dog too! A nice little earner for us both. It was easy to register with Code 3 Research. Now I am looking forward to be involved with other interesting projects."
- Bob, age 58 from Solihull, West Midlands

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