What happens next?

What can you expect at the session?

The research sessions can vary quite a lot.  You may take part in a one to one session where you are testing a website or you could be taking part in a group with 9 other people. There are lots of different types of research.  What you can expect at any session is that the environment will be relaxed and informal.  You will generally be offered refreshments and a professional Moderator or Researcher will make you feel welcome and at ease.

During the session you will be asked for your opinion on the topic being discussed and may be shown stimulus such as new products, new sites, potential advertising campaigns or new packaging.   It’s very important that you do express your opinion at the session as after all that’s what you’re there for! Remember, no answer is a wrong answer and our clients would prefer to hear your feedback and opinion rather than you sitting there not saying anything.

At the end of the session you will receive a payment as a thank you for participating.

The sessions are generally interesting and fun and we've yet to hear from someone who did not enjoy taking part - in fact most people get in touch to tell us how much they enjoyed the experience and to ask when they can take part again.

Still thinking about it?  Have a read of what some of our current members have said about the experience in Participant Testimonials.

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