Online 5 day Diary Study - Mobile Phones & Broadband BH1061

Criteria: The 5 day diary study will take place via a platform called Recollective. There are daily activities and participants will have 5 days to complete all parts, this may include some video assignments. You will be required to spend at least 30 mins a day on the various tasks etc. We are looking for commitment over the 5 days to ensure all tasks are completed. Payment is £100 - paid only upon successful completion of all tasks.
Session Dates: Diary Study - Thurs 1st Oct – Monday 5th Oct / Additional calls will take place on Thurs 8th – Friday 16th Oct.
Type of Session: Diary Study
Length of Session: 5 days and an additional 30 minute call
Location: Online remote - 5 day diary study
Incentive: ££100

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