What we do

In a nutshell we recruit members of the public to take part in market research events in their local area or online. Our approach to this is to send out various questions (screening questions) in an online survey to members on our database who are within the location and who match the basic requirements i.e. age and gender.

Survey responses are then data-sorted and sense checked and a shortlist of eligible candidates will be prepared. One of our team will then call the people on the shortlist to ask them the questions again over the phone, to ensure they meet the necessary criteria for the project, check availability, explain what will be required of them and discuss and alleviate any concerns the prospective participant may have about taking part.

Once participants have been scheduled to participate, we will send them a confirmation email which will contain details of the venue, time of the session, incentive offered and any extra details relevant to the project.

The day before the event we will contact participants to ensure they are still attending the research.

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